The guide you need to be an expert in the Winter Olympics

Although the opening ceremony will not be until Friday, the 2018 Winter Olympics is already underway. And they will last until next February 25th. Here is a guide on what you need to know: from location, new events, stadiums, how to see the competitions, the pet and even the sale of tickets. The games will occur in 13 places. In addition, for the first time, viewers in all time zones in the United States will have access to live coverage of the Olympics, instead of a repetition with hours of delay.

What will be the host city?

The venue for the Winter Olympics this year will be Pyeongchang, South Korea. The opening and closing ceremonies in the Olympic Stadiums of the city is a temporary construction that will have a capacity for 35,000 spectators.

Will North Korea participate in the competitions?

On January 20, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that North Korea will be part of these Olympic Games.

The participants of the two Koreas will also march together under a single flag at the opening ceremony.Also, for the first time in the history of the Olympics, the two countries will integrate a joint team of Ice hockey (For Women) under Korea’s name, which will be represented through this unification flag.

The 22 North Korean athletes are 15 women and 7 men, the Olympic Committee reported. They will be accompanied by 24 coaches and 21 media representatives.

Concerns about diseases

More than 1,000 security guards were replaced by members of the Army, following an outbreak of norovirus at the Olympic facilities in Pyeongchang. The organizers of the event reported that the guards suddenly presented episodes of vomiting and diarrhea this Sunday and that they were taken to a hospital.

In addition, health officials in the Peninsula of Korea are battling 2 strains of the illness of influenza. Then North Korea faces a life-threatening seasonal flu virus and now South Korea has made the report of a strain of highly contagious avian influenza in the chicken farms of Seoul.The Olympic torch makes a peculiar tour of the heights in South Korea.

When will the first medals be delivered?

A record of 102 medals will be awarded in 15 disciplines.The first award is expected to be Saturday, February 10 early in the morning, Eastern time, during a women’s cross-country event: 7.5 kilometers + the Skiathlon 7.5 kilometers.

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